Election Night Results

August 15th was a wild, crazy, stressful and exciting day! We were able to see the result of all of our work we put in over the last several months. Every door we knocked on, every sign we put up, every phone call we made and every update we posted all came down to that very night. We enjoyed dinner and company of our friends as we all gathered around to watch the numbers update on the website. While the ballots are still being counted, we could not be more grateful or humbled by the amount of support we’ve received through endorsements, volunteerism and of course – those votes!

Our campaign just seems to keep gaining momentum and energy with every passing day, and we are so grateful for the wild ride it’s taking us on. I believe this is a testament to the fact that the working class is anxious to have representation on our City Council, and I am humbled that they have the confidence in me, and believe that I am the right man for the job.

We look forward to seeing how much further we will all go as we band together and get to work. See you in the General Election!

Election Night

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